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Testing services and vacancies for software development and ITToday, most of the organizations are increasingly looking to move from traditional software bug fixing to the overall quality improvement of the end user solution. This is done by implementing quality Testing Services. The traditional way could validate only the business and technical design of the software, rather than focusing on its productivity compliance.

Hence, we at DATA Inc, offer Testing Services for software and systems which are aimed at improving performance and quality. Due to which, we ensure a reduction in risk and cost of operation in our client’s organization.

Certainly, customers do not want to work with a defected software, however, they continuously look for more changes and updates in their software. Similarly, a defective software will not provide the best user experience and comfort in operations. So, we have developed a modus-operandi reaching to all levels of testing and providing a robust product.

Furthermore, we include all aspects of software testing, at all the levels of Software Development Lifecycle. Software testing improves the quality, reliability & performance of the system and consequently, gains high demand.

Also, our approach is a perfect blend of experimented and resulted methods in regards to industry best practices. As a result, our clients get the expertise of our professionals in various testing models.

While an organization guns to embraces digital transformation; we come into the picture to help them optimize functional testing across various channels.

Most noteworthy, we do it via open source tools such as Agile, DevOps and, Test Automation, which are considered to be the most reliable ones.

Most noteworthy, the above-mentioned tools, are taken into account to drive increased efficiency, improved end-user experience, improved quality, time-to-market and reduced cost of your solutions.

We offer our Testing Services expertise in the following types of testing models: 


  1. Unit Testing: It is a phase of software testing in which individual building blocks or units of the software are tested to keep it bug-free. We can refer a “unit” to an individual program, procedure, method or a class.
  2. Integration Testing: A level of testing where individual units are integrated and tested in a group to ensure that there are no errors in the interaction between integrated units.

    Therefore, we include various testing methods like Black Box Testing, White Box Testing, Gray Box Testing etc in this type of testing.

  3. Functional Testing: This Quality assurance process is conducted after the completion of software and before the delivery of the software. Our team monitors if the software is appropriately functional in sync with the required specification.

The levels of testing, implemented after the completion of software development are:

  1. System Testing: This phase of testing arrives when the complete project is ready for testing. The idea behind this type of testing is to evaluate system’s compliance with the given requirements.
    Our testing team generally uses Black Box testing method at this phase.
  2. Stress Testing: This part of the testing level is considered meticulously to monitor the impact of overload on the system. As a result, the system is subjected to overload and its recovery is very critical because such overload situations can also prevail in the production environment. Hence, in this phase, we know that it is important to see that system saves the data before crashing.
  3. Performance Testing: We conduct this type of testing to determine the effectiveness of system, software or program. Resulting in, testing the software on various quality attributes like responsiveness, speed, scalability and, stability under various overload conditions.
  4. Acceptance Testing: This is the level of testing where we test the software for its acceptance before the final delivery. We check all the aspects of the end-product to ensure that it meets the client’s requirement.

In addition, we as a CMMI Level 3 company, are compelled to deliver unprecedented testing service, so that your software works flawlessly in all conditions. Certainly, our services are worth taking a try as we have been serving prime brands of the industry for last three decades.

We will be happy to assist you with our Testing services, write to us at infouk@dataincuk.com to get a quote.




View all our current vacancies on our Vacancies page.
If you don't see anything you wish to apply for now, and would like to be considered for positions in the future, please register your CV with us now.


View all our current vacancies on our Vacancies page.
If you don't see anything you wish to apply for now, and would like to be considered  for positions in the future, as they arise, please register your CV with us now.

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