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Support services and vacancies for software development and IT

Upright IT Support services are a key towards going the digital transformation way. As automation reaches to all levels of an organization, optimizing processes and IT infrastructure is imperative. With Infrastructure, we may refer to Network, Server, Data Back-up, Information Security, Cloud etc. We at DATA Inc have been incremental in providing IT Support services to our clients in these domains.

Further, our end to end IT support services include expert-level strategic consulting, on-site or remote technical support, 24 x 7 help desk support, disaster recovery, Cloud hosting etc. We create a balanced blend of Speed, Agility, and most noteworthy, Innovation to provide a holistic approach to IT environment applying our deep expertise.

Here are our few IT Support services domains:

IT Management and Support: Regardless of whether you are a small business or a huge venture, your system and IT framework fills-in as the foundation of your whole business operations. Its performance and flexibility are basic to your methodology, development, and achievement.

Due to this reason, IT administrations is considered as one of the essential factors in business advancement. Therefore, our IT assistance gives you end-to-end service for every single system including PCs, Laptops, tablets, network systems, BYOD gadgets, servers, printers etc. Consequently, it helps you to stay abreast with your competition in the commercial center.

Hence, with our infrastructure services, you can get access to our profoundly experienced, system advisors, subject matter experts, specialists, and 24x7 Help and Support Desk.


We know the benefits of moving your workloads to the cloud, here is how we can help you:

Cloud Services: The cloud has increasingly become the center for Data storage. Certainly, in this demand changing World, organizations need help to succeed using such resources with safety and security. At DATA Inc we accelerate your business growth with cloud services.
Our team of experienced professionals can control the selection of right cloud solution for your business. Also, we provide end to end support in designing, making the right selection and implementation of cloud solutions for your business.

Information Security: The data available in any organization is much critical than any system. And so is its security. The theft or loss of critical information can cause a harm to the organization’s work architecture. Our team of IT service experts aims at securing the data using several tools. These tools include Anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-malware, firewall, email recovery, data protection etc.
With DATA Inc onboard, you can stay assured that your data is secure while being considerably functional.

Technical Support Services: While most IT managers of organizations are expected to use resources with full implementation and less indulgence, managing multiple systems utilized by multiple users is a critical task. However, with our IT Support services, your organization can avail 24 x 7 technical support for your systems.
Our team of professionals is brewed with expertise and domain knowledge required to offer reliability and stability with your systems, so your team can work without disruptions.

Furthermore, our team has been considered as a trusted and valued partner by our clients for offering flexible yet disciplined IT Support as a service. To know more about our services, get in touch with us at infouk@dataincuk.com




View all our current vacancies on our Vacancies page.
If you don't see anything you wish to apply for now, and would like to be considered for positions in the future, please register your CV with us now.


View all our current vacancies on our Vacancies page.
If you don't see anything you wish to apply for now, and would like to be considered  for positions in the future, as they arise, please register your CV with us now.

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