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Project Management

Project Management services and vacancies for software development and IT

DATA Inc offers Project Management services to several Industries.

By Project Management we refer to the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements.

Knowledge of the entire project cycle, the barriers and the planning to achieve the targeted results is the methodology followed by most project managers.

Interestingly, our clients provide us with the brief of the project along with the desired deliverables and We get IT Done.

Project management is thus all about making it happen. It is a discipline of initiating, planning, executing, and managing resources with the goal of completing specific deliverables within budget and time. “ – Wikipedia

Further, our services are fully customizable to suit your exact needs.

Being experts in project management services, we have a proven track record of success, working with blue chip clients across many industries worldwide.

Certainly, a successful project manager is one who can envision the entire project from start to finish, and have the prowess to realize this vision.

Therefore, our Project Managers embrace a wide range of skills like IT Technical Skills, Team Management, Business Analytics, Risk Management, Negotiation and most importantly Communication skills.

Above all, we are trained and skilled in fundamental project management processes, methodologies, tools & techniques, adapting them as required for an organisation.

Due to our sound understanding of formal and informal organisational structures, we earn trust and respect from project’s stakeholders.

Furthermore, we help clients take appropriate decisions in contrast to project targets.

Thriving on the success of executing numerous projects, DATA Inc is a niche service provider that clients look up to while implementing business-enhancing Agile Project Management services.
This method drives operational efficiency and organizational sustainability.

The main components our Project Managers keep in mind are following

•    Defining the objective of the project

•    Explaining the requisites for the project like resources and timeline

•    Indicating the quality of the deliverables

•    Case Studies to support preferred methodologies 

•    Ensuring Service Level agreement and deliverables

•    Preparing a Strategy for the project execution

•    Defining each member’s role in the project cycle

•    Managing Errors, risks, and revisions in the project

•    Monitoring progress against plan

•    Managing the project budget

•    Controlling budget

•    Ensuring completion of task achieving defined deliverables

Our Project Management services strive on three prime factors which are significantly applicable for every industry.

Cost, Time and Quality – these are the three fundamental factors for ensuring successful project development.
A project done within defined budget, delivered on the prescribed time and with apex quality, sustains error free for the longest period.

Hence, the projects we deliver are essentially focused on producing a result which is beneficial to the organisation. We certainly ensure efficient and better use of the available resources.  

Further, for more information about how we can help with your specific Project Management Services requirement. Please feel free to contact us at infouk@dataincuk.com


View all our current vacancies on our Vacancies page.
If you don't see anything you wish to apply for now, and would like to be considered for positions in the future, please register your CV with us now.


View all our current vacancies on our Vacancies page.
If you don't see anything you wish to apply for now, and would like to be considered  for positions in the future, as they arise, please register your CV with us now.

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