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Software Architecture services and vacancies for software development and IT

With the rise of Cloud, Big Data, Flash and other emerging technologies, integration with them through existing IT systems is a cumbersome process. IT Team needs to be considerate about the workload, involved workforce, financial expectations and most importantly the process to build an ideal environment. At DATA Inc we offer IT Infrastructure services to manage a resilient and powerful enterprise architecture to leverage data for usable business insights.

We help our client achieve an end-to-end high-quality solution, managing the architecture of the target solution’s hardware and software configuration so that it meets the business requirements. At the same time ensuring the optimum deployment into production environments.

DATA Inc’s IT Architecture Services enable our clients to meet all their system requirements.

Furthermore, our services help you to reduce costs and speed-up performance through simplifying your operations and moving towards an efficient system.

Our services help our clients to meet the evolving technological and strategical needs, which includes:

•    Coping up with organizational changes and integrating new solutions

•    Maintaining operations with upcoming changes

•    Sorting and aligning IT systems with defining business targets while successfully executing mergers and acquisitions

•    Reducing deployment costs

•    Identifying problem areas to avoid bottleneck

Our IT Architecture services which help to achieve agility across your IT portfolio are:

Business Architecture: The support service wherein we analyze and implement processes to meet business goals.
Our experts can guide enterprises in strategic selection of processes and know the outcomes associated with it.

Application Architecture: With Application architecture service, we describe how an application will behave when used in production environment.
In contrast, we ensure that the application is secure, reliable and most noteworthy, manageable.

Data Architecture: For today’s data-driven business demands, it is significant to see how data is stored and integrated into organization’s systems.
Regarding this, our Data architecture services oversee how the data will be stored and accessed using a set of rules, policies, processes, and standards of operation.

Technical Architecture: While software developers need to understand the issues involved in the development phase, it is also required to know how the hardware will support the software and its interaction.
Our team of technical architects emulates best practices to ensure flawless functionality.

We can deliver a coherent, actionable future state architecture that easily maps to your business strategy. Apparent whether you require:

  • Early business initiative stage high-level enterprise solutions to map future state architecture elements
  • Engagement with governance boards to inform decision-makers with future-state artifacts to help justify major technology/business value decision
  • Solution or specialist architects e.g Security Architect, Technology Architect, Vertical Architects

We provide all solutions under one roof.

Our team of highly-qualified technical architects works closely with you and adapt to changing requirements and business models.
We provide you the right tools to leverage your existing IT assets and guide you towards creating a versatile business environment.

Write to us to avail our Architecture and IT Support services at infouk@dataincuk.com


View all our current vacancies on our Vacancies page.
If you don't see anything you wish to apply for now, and would like to be considered for positions in the future, please register your CV with us now.


View all our current vacancies on our Vacancies page.
If you don't see anything you wish to apply for now, and would like to be considered  for positions in the future, as they arise, please register your CV with us now.

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