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You May get Rejected by Employers (5 Powerful Reasons)

You May get Rejected by Employers (5 Powerful Reasons)

Skills – check, Qualification – Check, Required Experience – Check. So, you have all that is required to go with the offer. But still did not get the offer? Shocked?

Here are few reasons why you may not be chosen despite being qualified for the job.

You are not active on Social Media

For job searchers, social media is a vital medium than just a social platform. The content you post or create gets publicized and this helps recruiters know your personality.

It is very likely that Recruiters will search you on Google and find you on social networks. According to recent surveys, 70% recruiters find candidates on the social network and 48% keep or reject candidates watching their social activity. So, we will advise you to do your social activity wisely.

Attitude matters

Your attitude reflects your mindset of seeing things. Mostly candidates are seen complaining about their previous companies or bosses. We, as recruiters are not interested in knowing how bad your previous boss was, we want to know how you overcome a critical situation. How you handle projects, people, feedback, situations etc. makes you a stronger person.

Do not brag about the accomplishments done by your family members or things which are not related to work. Recruiters want positive and strong-minded people in their team.

Mandatory Preparations for the Interview

No Homework

Candidates who do some research about the company and have deep knowledge about the industry are more likely to receive the offer than the ones who show up blank. If you do some prior research about the company, it shows how you work – planned and strategized.

Find the details about the interviewer on LinkedIn, do research about the company on Google, website, Glassdoor and social media. Any job interview is about creating a comfort level and breaking the ice with the recruiter. Keeping information about the employer helps you strike a conversation with the recruiter.

No References

References are just not some names to write in the column. They are the people who will speak well about your work and professionalism. If you are not able to find references, then it is a problem. However, make sure you do not forge reference letters. The employers are smart enough to find a glitch in letter and then you can be in a serious trouble.

When you plan to appear for an interview, do speak with your seniors and ask them if they will be willing to recommend you. Trust them to seek their help.

Unrealistic Salary

If you have a salary expectation which is unrealistic in nature you are raising a chance for a “No” from the employer. Definite every candidate knows how much he wants to earn, however, it is important to do some research. Do your research to find out the salary range that jobs like yours pay in your area, plan an estimate and be ready to negotiate for the best package.

Finding a job is critical, especially when the competition is fierce. We as recruiters also prefer to candidates who score well on activity. So, it is important to ensure that they are keeping a distance from the above-mentioned points.

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Looking for a Job? Be a wise Social Media buff to get hired

Looking for a Job? Be a wise Social Media buff to get hired

Open your Social Media profile, check what you share. If it comprises of posts related to religion, community, provocation posts which are gibberish in nature – hard luck, 17% of recruiters are not going to hire you for a job, says a recent survey.

However, if you think a passive social media account can attract recruiters towards you – bad luck. 57% of recruiters will not hire a candidate passive on SM.

According to communications experts at empass.mobi, about 92% of companies use social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to find and screen candidates. Eventually, studying Social Media activity of a candidate helps our recruiters in knowing a candidate’s personality and authenticity.

Consequently, these platforms allow them to find and communicate with candidates easily and in less time. Eventually upgrading the quality and efficiency of the recruiting process.

We as recruiters are looking for more of humans with opinions and skills than resume reading robots. Interestingly, a candidate was offered job through Quora, because the CEO of the company liked his answer posted on the portal. Isn’t it amazing!

Furthermore, Social Media activity is more vital in case you want a job in Technology or Digital Marketing fields. Certainly, if you are a Software Developer who is actively participating in technology discussions, you will grab more eyeballs from recruiters.

Your piece of knowledge shared on discussion forums increases your credibility as a skillful developer. Similarly, for Digital Roles, your online presence and activity suggest how skilled you are in handling these platforms.

To get discovered by our recruiters, it is imperative to be active on social media. For example, be active in online discussions, participation in webinars, having a blog and informational sharing on SM profiles. We consider SM as a very powerful self-promotional tool.

Experts recommend senior level people to be active on social media or sharing experiences on a blog. Senior level people are usually not active on job listing sites. So social media is a good medium to establish a connection with them.

Similarly, active job seekers can also strike a conversation with decision making people through social media platform, especially through LinkedIn. Do consider that your SM profile has the potential to be our recruiter’s magnet.


To summarize, be active on social media, share content wisely, participate in tech discussions or quizzes related to your skills and, attend webinars. Do not refrain from making a connection with professionals and senior people related to your industry. Check the Social Profiles and website of Recruiters for vacancies. 

Finally, LinkedIn is full of career-relevant groups, join them to know about your targeted job and likeminded people.

So, Who are you – a Social Media Ghost or a Social Media buff?

A Fresh Start

Team Data Inc UK are excited about the launch of our new company website. It’s the culmination of all the work undertaken in the first half of this year, going back to the first principles of who we are as a company; what we do, how we do it and where we’ve done it before. While it was important for us to capture the essence of the group’s continued success over 30yrs serving some of the biggest and best known corporations in the world, it was also important to demonstrate how we’ve changed with the times and articulate in plain English how we are different. Data Inc is poised for accelerated growth and our rebranding hopefully shines a light on how we have transformed, in tune with the modern day, and the cohesive team that is behind each and every one of our valued customers.

Our mantra is a simple one – We get IT done

Anjanish Shekhar – VP Europe

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