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With the ever-changing technology landscape, businesses compete fiercely for Talent.  The challenge is to find experts in the latest technologies while continuing to support legacy systems. We are demanded with the candidates having knowledge of continuous maintenance and upgrades.

This apparently drives a need for niche skill-sets. Consequently, talented employees play a phenomenal role in the success of any organization.

We at DATA Inc have been instrumental in providing Talent Acquisition services to our clients in the US, UK, and India since last three decades.
We have expertise in catering to the ever-growing demand of pooling-in the best talent for our clients. Therefore, we have been providing service to clients in IT, Banking, Finance, Telecom and Automotive industry. 

Furthermore, our list of clients includes some Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies including UBS, Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, ICBC Standard Bank to name few.

From using traditional job boards and career fairs, as well as social media, we use a proven methodology to find the right people for you.

We support you through the entire hiring life-cycle, in contrast to your requirement, whether it is permanent or temporary staffing.
As a matter of fact, our dedicated IT talent database covers over 60,000 candidates worldwide. Each candidate has been stringently vetted for expertise, soft skills, and domain knowledge.

Why our clients choose us?

In organizations, a large amount of time and money is lost due to the positions filled by unverified candidates. Such candidates eventually disrupt the critical job requirement. Also, the void created by them is responsible for the stunted growth of an organization.

We, primarily use tools for verifying candidate’s skills and work experience. Our procedure is followed by reference checks made personally to their reporting managers.

Our team of technical recruiters categorically attract, engage and retain high performing talent. We achieve this using a true people-centric approach-with our clients, our candidates and our staff.

We spend a lot of time and effort to make sure that we achieve the right fit for our clients. Likewise, verifying candidate’s technical and cultural fit for your organization.

We are not just a vendor with a huge Talent Database, we are an actual investigator!

We specialize in Talent acquisition and staff augmentation at various levels of employment. From entry level to mid and senior-level leadership, we are seasoned to analyze candidates with their skills and behavioral aspects.

We ensure that our sourced candidates stand apart as valued employees in our client’s organization. Due to this, we have finally gained the mark of preferred recruiting partner by most of our clients.

We also act as Managed services provider (MSP) offering recruiting services including Payroll, employee data management, and hiring.

By outsourcing talent acquisition task to us, our clients can focus on core business issues while we take care of the talent supply.
Most noteworthy, we make sure to find the best talent in the given turn around time, however, we do not compromise on skills to match timeline. We will be happy to serve you with our services.

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How We Do It

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