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In the age of automation, various technological innovations are threatening to replace the need for humans in the workforce.  Across the industry, views on automation are divided, with some seeing many benefits, while others have many concerns about its impact.  By far the most pressing concern is the high potential for a significant loss of jobs in the workplace.

Quite simply, if machines perform tasks currently undertaken by people, with a consistently high level of precision and professional approach, why would it be necessary for employers to retain expensive staff? However, there are several reasons that your job may be more secure than you think.

About 50% of business leaders say that automation will have a high impact on the reduction of the workforce by 2022. But not all experts agree to this, as a study defines, that a mere 5% of jobs can be completely automated and replace people already doing the work. More likely, the majority of jobs will be restructured rather than completely replaced.

So, how can you make your job safe from robot invasion!?

Skills and human attributes which cannot be automated include – Creativity, leadership, charisma and other soft skills or human interaction.  Roles such as Customer Service, Planning, Creative Work, Quality, Management and training have unlikely to be automated in the near future.  Automation does enable engineered precision in tasks and the ability to streamline processes; however, Robots require still a human input to instruct, observe and manage the tasks.

Creativity provides unique solutions, innovation, new ideas or fine arts in some domains.

Soft Skills or Emotional Intelligence empathy provides a unique understanding of others, nurturing people and relationships.

Leadership involves guiding using your own experiences, motivating your team, analysing a problem and coming up with the best possible solution.

It is imperative to continue to improve and add to your skills to remain a vital asset for your company. The automated world will have many opportunities for talent which are indispensable. A routine, task-based job could be easily replaced by a robot.

Adapting to automation is an opportunity for industries as it increases Productivity and Profit. Industries which are likely to be impacted the most are Technology and Mechanical Production, while sectors such as Medical Care, Education, Customer Service, and Data Analysts will not see such large effect for now.

So, brush up your skills and stay ahead of the automation revolution.


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