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Finding and retaining the loyal and progressive talent in an organization is both a cost-effective and fundamental element for the growth of all businesses.  Being on the contestant recruitment treadmill of hiring and training up new staff is expensive and time-consuming while training up and broadening the abilities of your talented workforce is a worthwhile investment, that will reap rewards.

In order to retain staff and keep them feeling engaged, employers must design and plan a strategy to attract and retain talented employees. Here are 5 ways to help you achieve this:

Make the talent search your marketing tool: When it comes to Talent acquisition we post jobs on portals. It is very important to create job posts which feature your company. A well-informed candidate wants to know the work culture of the company, market your business to attract good talent.

Attract candidates outside of the local area: When filling a top position or hiring a senior leader for your company, the perfect candidate may need to relocate for your position. Look for ways to assist with the process, such as offering local advice on the accommodation and housing as well as assisting with relocation charges. This way you will build a candidate’s trust and loyalty.

Be Flexible and Care for employees: In the modern workplace employee’s value flexible working to fit in with their individual circumstances. When an employer provides flexible work hours, employees feel encouraged towards keeping work/life balance. Great employees will not misuse this facility.

Do not Micromanage: Success comes from innovation and creative thinking. Give your employees space and trust to thrive, avoid micromanaging every aspect of their role.  This can lead to a culture of distrust which eventually affects productivity. Trusted and valued employees stay longer with companies and are much more effective.

Build a supportive Team: We can spend the majority of the working day in the office, therefore it is important for employees to feel part of the team and a good bond with their colleagues. The employers have a responsibility to make sure all members of the team feel engaged, motivated and valued.  Ideas for office events and social team building can create a team spirit and repay the company in many ways.

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