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Artificial Intelligence is becoming a major driver of rapid change in the technology world and, as it starts to affect more and more sectors, the HR and Recruitment industry is also preparing for an automation revolution.  The collaboration of human skills and technology has the potential to dominate the industry in the coming years, and research firm McKinsey Institute suggests in a report that AI will be accountable for the automation of 800 million jobs globally by 2030, including up to 20% of the UK workforce.

As new innovations and trends prevail in the recruitment industry, recruiters have the chance to leverage AI software and chatbots, which can improve the candidate experience and make profiling and filtration for large numbers of applicants more efficient.

Artificial Intelligence can help recruiters to streamline the hiring process by doing time-sensitive tasks including resume screening, interview scheduling and emailing.  This frees up time for recruiters to focus on building genuine relationships with candidates and clients and ultimately reduce costs and the time to hire.

More tools are becoming available to assist with creating job descriptions using keywords related to your job opening integrated with market research data.  These can help in finding quality candidates at the right time, with AI acting as a personal assistant to the recruiter.  AI tools have the potential to elevate the level and productivity of candidate interactions with the recruiter, by personalising the experience and keeping candidates engaged and valued.

In a nutshell, as the implementation of Artificial Intelligence grows, it will optimize the recruiting process so that it becomes more efficient, accurate and customer-centric.  The signs are that AI-based tools are set to become integral to the recruitment function and provide many possibilities for improvement in the future.

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